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Alexander E. Morozov
Alexander A. Morozov
Morozov Yachts is family run yacht company, we offer integrated personal service for new-building, brokerage and transportation of sailing and motor yachts.

Our knowledges, practical experience and worldwide contacts will help you to realize your plans.

Part of our service is management of the building projects and development of new concept yachts.

At the moment we are realizing the following projects:

  • building of fast sailing cruiser with pilothouse Soler-35 FC
  • modification of new model Soler-25 Motor Sailer with aluminium hull
  • new project of fast motorsailer with pilothouse Soler-35 MS
  • new project of fast cruiser with pilothouse Soler-38 FC
  • new project of ocean fast sailing cruiser with pilothouse Soler-42 FC
  • new project of live aboard modern cruising yacht with pilothouse Soler-52
  • concept of universal low budget motor catamaran M10 with optional staysail rig for
  • concept of motorsailer M49 for live aboard and cruising in Europe
  • concept of modern classic cruising yacht with pilothouse and aluminium hull

    Last built boats:

  • neo-classic aluminium motor yacht Liberty Boat 74 (Acico-74)
  • expedition aluminium motorsailer ATOA-64 (Arctic TO Antarctic)

We offer the best from international cooperation and direct service:

  • Personal attention to each client
  • Realizing of your ideas in new-building of sound custom yacht
  • Consulting for purchase and delivery of new or used yachts
Do not hesitate to contact with any enquiry, for quick reply use email or Skype as below.

Best regards,
Alexander E. Morozov
Alexander A. Morozov

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Email: info@morozov-yachts.com
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