Founder and Principal of Morozov Yachts

Alexander Morozov from St. Petersburg was born in 1959 in the family of a sea captain and from childhood he was fascinated by the sea and sails. At the age of ten, he began his sailing life on a 65-foot training yacht "Ushkuinik", then participated in sailing races in different classes of yachts - Optimist, Cadet, 420, 470, Finn, also sailed the Baltic Sea on cruising yachts.
After graduating from school in 1976, he studied at the Higher Maritime Academy named Admiral S.O. Makarov in St. Petersburg, which he graduated in 1982 with the rank of navigator. He began his professional maritime career as the 4th navigator and graduated with the rank of sea captain. He worked on Ro-Ro and container ships of the Baltic Shipping Company and the German company Senator Lines, which sailed around the world from Europe to the USA and Australia. In 1991, after the end of his maritime career, he became a co-founder of one of the first freight forwarding companies in new Russia, Mortrans, to transport heavy and oversized cargo around the world. In 1998, he founded the private yacht shipyard Morozov Yachts in St. Petersburg, where they built sailing and motor yachts up to 55 feet in length. Since 2005, he moved to Spain and continues to design and build yachts at contract shipyards in Europe, transport and register boats and yachts, advises on all matters related to yachts, regularly participates in sailing regattas and has repeatedly won prizes.
Great practical experience and personal qualities of Alexander Morozov attract people who later become good friends and regular customers.

Alexander E. Morozov


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