This unique expedition catamaran is designed and built for operation in remote navigation areas. from high latitudes to the tropics, which is confirmed by the zone of its navigation from the White Sea to the Mediterranean. The hull is made of marine alloy and is practically indestructible in sea water. The volume of fuel in 5500 liters allows only under the motors to make autonomous transitions over distances up to 5000 miles.
Sails are either completely new (asymmetric spinnaker and genoa, or with minimal wear - staysail, mainsail, mizzen). The highest rigidity of the hull, combined with removable wheels (4 pieces of 2 wheels from military aircraft) and mounted on keels, allows the catamaran to be rolled ashore using hand winches or as a trailer to a truck without a crane or lift. Mounting / dismantling of wheels takes 2 hours of work.
The shape of the hull and the protection of the propeller-steering group make it possible to run aground and not be afraid of hitting reefs / rocks when moving at full speed. The shaft propeller drive system is extremely reliable. Protection of propellers in the form of a steel frame allows you to navigate in ice. Standing rigging is designed for an unlimited service life, steel wires with a diameter of 19 mm are filled with zinc in cones, which is more reliable than conventional modern fittings. The mast will not break even if one of the shrouds is damaged.
The masts are lowered for passage by river routes, where the clearance of the bridge is small. The masts are raised/lowered without involving a crane, the masts are raised and lowered to a horizontal position by winches in 1-2 hours of crew work. Everything is designed for the possibility of self-repair in case of breakage or damage. Huge engine compartments make it easy to service the engines if necessary. The installed fuel filtration system (UV, centrifugal filter plus automatic fuel cleaning) allows the use of even microorganism-contaminated diesel fuel, which is usually bunkered in exotic countries. Almost all important systems have a complete repair kit - diesel, generator, watermaker, charging inverter, etc. and you can not worry that they will be difficult to repair in the event of an accident.
Anchors of 67, 45 and 27 kg and three sets of chains of 100-120 m each allow you to securely gain a foothold even in hard-to-reach deep places.
Two distillers of 30 liters per hour (12 volts) are installed, which allows even one of them to receive 700 liters per day and only due to solar energy, or 1400 liters when working in pairs.
Installed lithium-ion batteries (5000 Ah) in combination with solar panels (2200 W) make it possible not to use the 12 kW / 220V generator at all in everyday sailing or when on anchor. The generator is used only when refueling the diving cylinders. The boat is designed with the ability to live on board when moored in the port or on the shore - air-cooled air conditioning allows you to cool / heat the boat without the need for sea water. Non-combustible materials used in the design of the catamaran and compartments isolated from each other avoid the risk of fire or flooding. T
he main idea in this project was to make a solid and self-sufficient expeditionary platform for living a board, like a "ship for the apocalypse" in our difficult times. Full specification will be sent on request.
18.00 м
6.90 м
0.90 м
27000 кг
5500 л
1500 л
600 л
2 х Volvo-Penta 160 л.с.
6 (13 чел)
7 узлов
13 узлов
Custom (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Not paid
San Mariono
Black tank
Cruising speed
Max speed
VAT status

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